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there's a lit cigarette in the hand of my new angel
she's blowing smoke like halos
This LJ is 85% friends only. Or maybe less than that... lately, anyways.

I think I covered everything in my userinfo, but just to recap: I'm addicted to AFI, Evans Blue, Diet Dr Pepper, caramel coffee, mascara, lip balm, Johnny Cash, faeries, Harry Potter, Lemonheads (the candy, not the band), Lord of the Rings, A Series of Unfortunate Events, monkeys, glitter, mints, Davey Havok and Viggo Mortensen (among other things). I'm a grammar whore. The misuse of your and you're irks me to no end. I'm a very trustworthy, loyal person and I expect the same of my friends.

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16 became the promise and the threat
Or: How to sound mildly intelligent!
When to properly use your or you're (you are)
adj. The possessive form of you
1. Used as a modifier before a noun: your
boots; your accomplishments

2. A person's; one's: The light switch is on
your right

So, what does it mean?

Your is a word that states that the possession of some object or abstract idea is in the possession of you. The hat is not you're hat. It is YOUR hat. As you're cannot be used in place of your, the same is true for the reverse of this lesson. Your cannot be used in a sentence when the meaning of the word should be "you are," such as you are not very intellectual or you are in possession of the grammar skills of a 4-year old. This is where YOU'RE comes in, not your. See the right side, YOUR right side (of the computer screen) for instructions on how to use YOU'RE.

Some examples:

This is your pink flamingo.
Our Lady Peace is your favorite band.
Please, stop your car and run into oncoming traffic.
Contraction of you are.

n. The act or process of shortening
1. The shortening of a word, or of two
words, by the omission of a letter or
letters, or by reducing two or more
vowels or syllables to one; as, ne'er for
never; can't for can not; don't for do
not; it's for it is.


In short, you're means you are. We do all know what "you" and "are" mean, don't we? I should surely hope so! One uses you're when they wish to speak regarding a person.

Some examples:

You're not a very nice individual.
You're coming with me this evening.
You're not serious, are you?
Post this tutorial in your journal!!

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1 became the promise and the threat
Here's a friendly tidbit. Diet Dr Pepper and Grey Goose do not necessarily mix. LOL. Hey, I tried. I went a little heavy on it with my club soda. What was supposed to be 'club soda with a splash of vodka' ended up being more like 'vodka with a splash of club soda'. Oops. At least it won't be another Jager incident... even if I am on a virtually empty stomach. I'll have to regale you with that tale later. Hahaha.

In light of my personal (now-resolved) crisis, several lovely people over at viggo_daily offered up their personal collections, and I now have quite a few that I didn't already have! Fandom can be quite wonderful.

I spent much of the day backing up my data onto CDs. All my iTunes crap and my video files will have to wait until I get my hands on some blank DVDs, though.

Happy birthday, twilightelysium! And spell, I'm sorry I sent you early birthday greetings on MySpace. I don't know why I did that... I guess I read the thing wrong! But I hope you had a good day regardless! :)

Well, I am going to bed now. I hope you all have a good week.

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the threat
Well, my not-that-old replacement for Cedric (my other spare hard drive that died) appears to have kicked the bucket. I am so thoroughly pissed I can't stand it. EVERYTHING was on that drive. EVERYTHING. I KNEW I should have gotten a fucking external. But noooooooooooo. Ugh. There is still some hope, as the data is still somehow showing up on the drive... I just can't access it. The drive properties tell me that there are 32GB free, and it's a 160GB drive. That sounds about right, for all the stuff I had on it. Mark my words, if I lose everything on that drive, I will be REALLY ANGRY.

Not only that, but Yahoo Messenger won't let me log in, and MySpace is down. WTF is up with today?

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the threat
Happy 666 Day!

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the threat
Buy this CD. It's the second best CD to come out this year. Of course, that's only my opinion, but hey. :D

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the threat
Happy spineless weenie bastard day! *toasts with a triple vodka cherry-ade*

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the threat
WTF! I just saw a firefly outside my window... at least I think it was one! It flashed four times and now it seems to have disappeared. Strange. You don't usually see them around here this early. If I hadn't lost my faith in signs, I'd think that was one. Max and I were outside last week and there were tons of little mushrooms sprouting from the ground and I told him they were faerie houses. Hee.

Oh, I forgot to mention this... Dad thinks he may have found Johnny (one of my parents' grey tabby cats who went missing around Thanksgiving). He said there was a dead grey cat about fifteen feet from the mailbox and that it might be Johnny but he wasn't sure. That is just so sad. I told him if it is Johnny he needs to bring him back so we can bury him. *sigh*

My throat was okay earlier, but it seems to be getting worse again, so I think I am going to get something icy cold to drink and start on GOF.

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the threat
After watching several "Friends" reruns, thinking it was earlier, I got up to see what time it was. Something compelled me to check my friends list. As I did, the first thing I read shook me more than I've been shaken in months.

One of my jerris_darkrun_oldest and dearest LJ friends passed away very unexpectedly tonight. There are no words I can say to explain how stunned and shocked I am. He had been there for me practically since my very first journal's inception in 2001. To me, he was someone that I thought would always be there, and now he isn't, and it makes me so unbelievably sad. I never got the opportunity to meet him and give him a huge hug and tell him how much I loved him as a friend. I talked to him on the phone once or twice, and I wish it could have been more. Christmas 2004, he made it possible for me to get the best gift I could have gotten that year, the ROTK EE DVD, which was the only thing I wanted that year. If it hadn't been for Joe, it wouldn't have been possible. I've always loved him for that. He was so generous and kind.

Hopefully, though, he is up there watching out for those he cared about. I hope I'm one of those people, because I could always use another guardian angel... and he's one of the best. I'm just sorry I didn't take his advice while he was still here. Now I'm forever going to feel guilty about that, and I hope he'll forgive me.

Bethanna, you and those sweet wonderful boys are in my thoughts. It just seems so unfair because you two were about to start a new journey together. I'm glad you had the time you did, though, and I send you all my love and prayers. I'm so sorry for your loss. Those of us who knew and loved him will always, ALWAYS remember him.

This was his final comment to me. I'm glad he got to see her and know that she has brought me happiness because he always felt like I deserve it, even though I may not feel that way about myself, and even though in recent months we hadn't talked as much as we used to.

I love you, Joe, and I'm going to miss the hell out of you. Take care of my Merlin for me until I see you both again someday.

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16 became the promise and the threat
Moof. ;)

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